About the CCCBCA

We are the California Community College Baseball Coaches Association or CCCBCA. We have twelve conferences/divisions throughout the state with six each in north and south. There are 85 colleges that play baseball. Our memberships includes both assistant and head coaches. Our associate membership includes four year college coaches and major league baseball scouts. In all we have approximately 350 members.

The association's executive committee is made up of seven officers and twelve elected conference/division representatives. This committee makes all decisions regarding the association. 

As an affiliate organization of the California Community College Athletic Association or CCCAA, the CCCBCA works within their framework to present or influence legislation that impacts our game. We work in concert with the CCCAA to make our play-offs a quality experience for everyone involved. 

A primary function of the CCCBCA is to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of our players and coaches. The CCCBCA sponsors the following awards.

For players:  

  • Southern and Northern California All-American Teams
  • All Southern California Team
  • All Northern California Team
  • All State Academic Team
  • State Championship MVP Trophy                                                                   

For coaches:

  • Southern California Coach of the Year
  • Northern California Coach of the Year
  • Conference Champions Coaches Trophy
  • Super-Regional Championships Trophy
  • Hall of Fame Awards